Service Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Hits!

By not doing regular maintenance on your air conditioner you are losing about 6% of its cooling efficiency. If you have a 12 SEER unit in your home and are losing 6%, it is actually cooling like it is a 9 SEER unit. By getting routine maintenance done you can recover most of the lost efficiency from your air conditioner. By doing a regular tune up each year can maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. By having a routine annual tune up it will save you money on your electric bill as well as reduce future repair cost.

There are several local air conditioning companies that will offer specials around fall and spring that you might want to take advantage of. Once the summer hits air conditioning become very busy and there rates tend to go up. Some companies will offer an annual service program which is a great since it is a reminder that your air conditioner will need to be serviced before the summer months hit.

When you have your air conditioner serviced is should include the following: check belts and adjust as needed, check system operating pressures, clean condenser coils, check amp draw from the compressor, oil fan motors and the most important one is checking the coolant level also known as Freon. If you system is even ten percent low on coolant it will cost 20 to 25 percent more to run. Your coolant levels should be checked every year.

In addition to the yearly tune up there are a few other items that should not be ignored. You want to make sure and change your filters every year. Keep debris and other materials away from the outside condenser unit. Try not to close off supply outlets in the house as this can be harmful to your system.

Even the most reliable air conditioning equipment needs routine maintenance. If you take care of your air conditioner on a yearly basis it will last longer and reduce the amount of repairs in the future.