What Type Of Water Heater Is In My Travel Trailer?

Almost all travel trailers will come with a water heater ranging in size from 6 to 10 gallons. Listed below are the two types of water heaters your trailer could have. Some trailers with have both built into one heater.

1) Water heater with a pilot light – a pilot type water heater will work off your propane system in your trailer. On newer model trailers you are able to light the water heater from an electronic switch in the trailer. This type of water heater is known as a Direct Spark Ignition or DSI and are the most common in newer trailers. The only requirement for this type of system is you need to have a constant 12 volt source. If the heater does not light a red light will come on at the switch in your trailer letting you know that there is a problem. It is usually one of three things. The pilot light did not light after trying 3 times, your propane is shut off at the valve on the tank, or you are out of propane. Turn the switch off, correct the problem and turn the switch back on. If everything is working correctly the red light will remain off. If your trailer does not have a Direct Spark Ignition then you will need to light the water heater outside at the pilot light.

2) Water heater with 110 volt – water heaters that have 110 volt are going to be built in with your propane heater on your trailer. You will have two switches inside your trailer where you can either choose propane or 110 volt. When your generator is on or you are hooked up to electricity is when you can use your 110 volt water heater. The great thing about the 110 volt is it will not use up your propane supply and it heats up twice as fast.